High Quality French Bulldogs Located In New York State

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Providing door to door delivery of your new puppy

Purchasing a dog that is not local to your residence can create much anxiety – for you and for us. If you are going to purchase a pup from us, putting him or her in our hands for safe, comfortable, and reliable delivery is the only option we provide.

For puppy buyers that live within 400 miles of Beautibuls we provide two options:  Either you meet us at the half way point to pick up your pup or come to our home and stay for a night or two at our Airbnb - at no charge.  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/34369807?source_impression_id=p3_1572443900_N%2BggpDVUoVgB%2B1pN

If your location is too far for day travel,  we will hand carry your new family member to your doorstep. May it be by land, or by air we feel it is extremely important that we are part of the transport process. Our own personal experiences purchasing overseas has brought to light the unfortunate compromises that are made in lieu of delivering puppies to their new home at a manageable cost for the seller. As the sellers, we have control over that now and refuse to cut corners. The animal’s health and safety is our utmost priority. We will get on a plane with your pup under our seat and meet you at the airport or your home whichever we agree upon. Due to each situation being unique, the transport cost to the buyer will be discussed at the time of purchase.

For cross-country trips a couple of stops at pet friendly motels is the way we go. Your pup will sleep with us in the motel. In the vehicle, he/she will be safely crated. Many potty and water/snacks stops along the way are offered.

You will have our contact information so that you can reach us at anytime during our trip - as well as regular updates that we will send to you.


Why hand deliver?

Ensuring a safe and pleasant delivery, we take pride and getting to know our pups new family and making sure they have a positive travel experience.

It would be our pleasure to serve you and your new puppy.